Antifascist Hardcore

by Drop In

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recorded by jason hallyburton


released January 20, 2017

x: vox
cole: guitar
ricky: bass
jeremy: drums

all songs written by drop in, except the bonus track which was written by stephen egerton & bill stevenson



all rights reserved


Drop In San Jose, California

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Track Name: Threat Display
bigots, nationalists & antisemites are feeling stronger than ever right now, they're proud, they're out of the woodwork & they're bolder than ever before... in the face of that, it's our duty to organize! squad up & protect your communities! stamp them out one by one!

president nazi
he's comin' for you
the fascists are marching
we can't let 'em thru
it's easy to feel lost
easy to feel alone
but together we're stronger
you're not on your own

anything human is anti fascist
neo fash trash... we're gonna smash it
Track Name: Living Will
wake up
worth getting out of this bed for

plug in
to the nonstop horror news show

lay there
going back to sleep forever

cave in
let hate
drag you out of bed again

if you can't get up in the morning, get your shoes on, get out the door & go to work- that's okay! it's not all in your head, the world is set against you! it's not in your head!

the killing of innocents at the hands of policemen
civilians are dying in a war agains no one
the digging of graves without stopping taking it's toll on the world
how could you possibly go to work
for one more day?
it's tempting to give up.

living is easy
but surviving's impossible
Track Name: Glue Trap
i'm glued to this porch
always caught in a web
i'm always burning on the inside
but what's it for?

how many versions of myself
have i left in the past?
how can i be so sure
that there was nothing worth saving?

i'm just the bloody scum
of filthy skin in my nails

i'm always moving, never stopping, w/ no choice & no exit, no direction, the pressures always on & i can't stop thinking about the rotting, overripe fruit of my obligations hanging low over my head... guess i gotta make it work
Track Name: Body of Work
you are not ashamed
you can't be trusted again
life with you is torment
you are wasting your breath
passive aggression
still aggressive as fuck
you contribute nothing
human swarm of locusts

body of work
work on yourself

body of pain
it's not enough

throw yourself upon your sword
you can't run from this
crush your ego into dust
own up to your sins

crush your ego into dust
Track Name: Pain Is Not The Cleanser
how much how hard how long will you try
to drag around this pain
what if you give up on the cross you bear
what if you felt okay?

would you be okay?

shed the image of a snake
you'll learn to recognize yourself again

let the walls around you crumble